A survey was developed to measure knowledge gained in turf establishment in a lab exercise in a basic turfgrass culture class offered at Kansas State University over two semesters, separate instructors had students establish “lawns” in the greenhouse in containers as a group project at course start. Students were instructed to do this on their own using whatever knowledge they brought to the class, and without guidance from instructors. At the end of class, students were asked to evaluate their choices, and make recommendations for what they would change based upon knowledge they gained through the semester. In both years, students improved significantly from the course start to end in noting that a deep container (i.e. a pot), could benefit establishment by allowing greater root development compared to using a shallow flat. In one year, but not the other, the percentage of students identifying the correct response significantly increased regarding: 1) choosing that nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) should be applied at planting; 2) identifying an appropriate N application rate; and 3) identifying a correct seeding rate. Through the course survey instructors learned of subject areas that they could better emphasize during the semester, and this form of evaluation helps guide instruction.