The objectives of this study were to investigate student perceptions of the general offering of bonus points and to determine if bonus points are related to learning at Oklahoma State University. A survey was developed with agree or disagree responses. The survey was distributed to students enrolled in an introductory horticulture class during three consecutive semesters. A total of 162 students voluntarily completed the survey, which included students of various colleges, classifications, gender, self-reported grade profiles, and university admittance backgrounds. Regarding the general availability of bonus points in classes, 64% of respondents agreed the majority of classes offer some form of bonus points. Bonus incentives offered in courses typically did not exceed 50 points and were a small percent of the course grade. The majority (59%) of respondents agreed that they pursue all bonus points available in a class, but that level of time required to complete the bonus assignment influenced whether students would participate. Findings suggest that offering of bonus points can be a useful tool for enhancing learning if the work is not overly burdensome as to prevent pursuit by the student.