This quantitative study sought to determine college of agriculture students’ current and preferred means of online engagement and how those means impact perception of the institution. Two hundred eighty-three college students responded: females (n = 180, 63.6%), males (n = 103, 36.4%), freshman (n = 74, 26.1%), sophomores (n = 65, 23.0%), juniors (n = 81, 28.6%), and seniors (n = 63, 22.3%). The mean age of respondents was 20 years and indicated they were most likely to use social media during the hours of 8-11 p.m. (n =172, 60.8%). The respondents preferred Facebook (n = 234, 82.7%), Twitter (n = 214, 75.6%), and Instagram (n = 212, 74.9%) for college online engagement, followed by Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Within the current study, respondents indicated they most wanted to learn about academic deadlines, scholarships, and student events via social media. Additionally, they reported the college websites held high credibility, but had little influence on their decision to attend the institution. This study provides insight into college students’ perceptions regarding web based and social media presence for higher academic institutions, and provides recommendations for improvement of online engagement with potential and current students.