Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lab for ASTM 1613 - Fundamentals of Agricultural Systems was not offered in fall 2020. Thus, many students lacked the experiences necessary to understand course concepts. To partially compensate, three video homework assignments (tractor dynamometer testing, spreader calibration, and Ohm’s Law) were developed and used in the course along with nine traditional paper assignments. The purpose of this study was to compare student (N = 42) completion rates, performance, and perceptions for each homework type. Completion rates were significantly (p < .05) higher for paper (90.7%) than for video homework (78.6%). However, overall scores on the video (71.3%) and paper (73.4%) homework assignments were not significantly (p = .57) different. When comparing only students completing all homework assignments, students scored significantly (p < .001) higher on the video (92.9%) than the paper (84.0%) homework. On a 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) scale students agreed video homework was easier to understand (M = 3.63; SD = 0.61), preferred more video homework (M = 3.51; SD = 0.61), and learned more by doing the video homework (M = 3.49; SD = 0.59); they disagreed the video homework was too much trouble (M = 2.18; SD = 0.63). Confirming their lack of previous experiences, students disagreed they knew a lot about tractor dynamometer testing (M = 2.25; SD = 0.71), spreader calibration (M = 2.03; SD = 1.03), or Ohm’s Law (M = 2.45; SD = 1.30) before completing the video homework assignments.