Webinars are commonly organized in the dairy industry to remotely deliver information on a specific topic to a live audience. The information presented is simplified, current, based on scientific research, and delivered by experts that are not available at the home university. The objective was to utilize this popular source of information in an Animal Science course and evaluate the sources of webinar used, webinar delivery format, webinar themes, and student impressions obtained from the reflection assignment. Students (n =30) in a dairy production management course were required to attend a live or recorded webinar on the topic of their interest. Overall, 32% of the students used webinars hosted by private industry, 46% used university extension webinars, and 22% used professional society webinars. Altogether, 25% of the students used topics in dairy cattle nutrition, 18% used webinars related to milk quality, 25% used webinars on current industry status, 25% attended animal health webinars, and 7% used dairy cattle reproduction webinars. Overall, 58% of the students responded that they learned at least one new concept that was not discussed in the class. A qualitative thematic analysis of the student reflections indicated that students enjoyed learning about the practical application of classroom concepts, liked learning from experts about recent developments in the industry, and appreciated the flexibility associated with the webinars. We conclude that students prefer university extension webinars in topics directly applicable on farms. The webinars provide broader opportunities for students to learn the classroom concepts from experts in the field while offering flexible options to learn in an undergraduate course.