Increased instructor involvement with individual students improves academic performance and college retention rates. The impact of verbal quizzes on student-instructor relationships and course performance in an introductory meat science course was evaluated. Verbal quizzes increased classroom and non-classroom interactions between students and course instructors (P < 0.01). Verbal quizzes increased students’ confidence in applying their knowledge to solve problems (P < 0.0001). Instructors positively influenced student career goals, career aspirations, and personal goals. At the end of the semester, students reported having an increased likelihood (P < 0.01) of creating professional relationships with other instructors at the university following the student-instructor relationships formed over the semester in the meat science course. Feedback provided during verbal quizzes helped guide student preparation for exams, enhanced learning of course material, and increased comfortability with course material (P < 0.0001). Verbal quizzes helped strengthen the student-instructor relationship, which has a positive impact on students’ course preparedness, academic goals, and personal growth.