Students from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences comprise the second lowest enrollment in the Honors College at South Dakota State University. Analysis of data from all (n = 432) students enrolled in Animal Science (AS) 101 honors (HL) and traditional labs (TL) showed HL students were 39% more likely to receive an “A” grade. Mean first year grade point average (FYGPA) of 3.35 for HL was higher (P < .0001) than 2.75 FYGPA of TL. Dual credits (college courses completed during high school) and retention to second year was similar between HL and TL. Current Honors College enrollment was higher (P < .0001) for HL than TL. Of all honors eligible students in AS101, 25.9% were enrolled in Honors College one year later. When analysis for the impact of Honors Orientation (HO) on current Honors enrollment was controlled for no enrollment in HL, HO was significant (P < .0001). However, when HL equaled yes, HO was not associated with current Honors enrollment, indicating HL provided an alternative exposure to Honors College that resulted in improved Honors College retention. We suggest that early exposure to honors programs within colleges of agriculture may enhance participation of agricultural students in honors programs.