The purpose of this study was to explore the personal growth of peer mentors within the College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) learning communities at Iowa State University. Students serving as peer mentors within the learning communities completed a census survey that was sent to the total population of CALS peer mentors. A total of (n=67) usable responses were collected during the fall 2019 semester. The results were analyzed using descriptive statistics and basic understanding of target population demographics. The results of this study indicate students who participated as a peer mentor within CALS learning communities experienced a positive impact related to personal growth in three major areas: (1) interpersonal skills; (2) overall confidence; and (3) connection building. Peer mentors entering into learning communities should expect to grow personally in areas of interpersonal communication, confidence, and networking connections from this learning community experience. While it is important to note that growth does not solely come from this peer mentor experience, students did attribute their role as a peer mentor to have significant impact towards positive, personal development.