The purpose of this study was to describe the characteristics, educational background, and degree of transfer planning of students who transfer to the College of Agriculture (COA) from a previous institution. A survey instrument was developed and the fall 2019 COA transfer cohort was polled (n=262). A useable response rate of 35.9% (n = 94) was achieved. Based on institutional data, 52.7% of COA transfers were male and 30.9% were first-generation students. Additionally, 86.6% of students transferred from 2-year institutions and 77.9% transferred from in-state schools. Credits transferred averaged 60.7 (S.D. = 14.7) with an average transfer GPA of 3.15/4.00 (S.D. = 0.53). Females tended to have a higher GPA at their previous institution than males (p<0.01). Approximately three-quarters of respondents planned to transfer to a four-year institution prior to enrolling at their previous institution. More females reported planning to transfer compared to males (p=0.01). The most used transfer resource was an academic advisor (71.3%), although the data does not reveal the timing of the first contact. Institutional transfer plans and course equivalency guides were used by only 51.1% of respondents. Further analysis is needed to understand how student needs and awareness of resources vary based on demographic variables.